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PaperlessPLUS™ Office Solution


Reduce printing, copying and file storage expense, while streamlining your workflow with the PaperlessPLUS™ module.

  • Organize and store scanned client documents electronically.

  • Print and store PDF versions of your clients' tax returns directly to the clients' digital folders with one click. If the client doesn't yet have a folder, the program creates one.

  • Quickly and easily annotate clients' folders or files with important notes or questions.

  • Create PDF files from e-mails, spreadsheets, and other files to send directly to PaperlessPLUS™. Safeguard client data with multiple levels of security and scheduled backups. Never lose client data again!

  • Track the entire life of your documents with an extensive audit trail system.

  • New Feature - Now has the ability to create and store electronic signatures (Signature Pad not included)

PaperlessPLUS™ Premier

PaperlessPLUS™ Premier is our powerful new forms recognition tool that easily reads scanned data from most W-2s and 1099s and imports the data directly into the Refunds Today software.

Make the transition to a paperless filing system using PaperlessPLUS™ Premier. This innovative program automatically creates a folder with the client's name and SSN when you scan the client's W-2 or 1099. No more labeling, sorting and filing paper folders!


Electronic Filing Cabinet


PaperlessPlus Premier

with Scan/Import Capabilties


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